Samples for McGraw-Hill Higher Ed
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This page provides links to sample videos from Educate.Today’s Academic Collection that fit within disciplines included in McGraw-Hill Higher Ed curricular offerings.

Videos in the Academic Collection complement and enhance the collegiate experience by providing the learner with an engaging first person perspective by which to explore and gain appreciation for the content, scholarship, and real world practice of a chosen discipline.  Videos are organized into various series within each discipline area.  To view sample videos, click on the hyperlinked titles below.

Educate.Today’s videos have been developed by educators working in collaboration with notable individuals and exceptional national and local educational, cultural, scientific, business, and arts organizations to link students and the curriculum to individuals and organizations who apply that curriculum in real world experience.  That is, learners learn from professionals who do what the learner is studying.

Content varies in format and length for use in various types of courses (survey, introductory, methods, majors courses, minors courses, etc.), various class formats (lecture, seminar, studio, etc.), and various class settings (whole class, small group, independent study, etc.).

Disciplines within Humanities, Social Science and Language  
Video Series in American Government, Criminal Justice, and Political Science:
Exploring the Constitution–Investigate constitutional principles and processes with scholars, historians, political scientists, and those who apply the Constitution in their practice.

Issues in Criminal Justice–Explore and investigate criminal justice principles and practices.

Understanding American Government–Learn about the workings of government from those who work in government.

Video Series in Art:
Meet the Artist–Videos offer insights and inspiration directly from artists as they share examples of their work and discuss and demonstrate the processes used to create their work.

Art in Exhibition–Engaging and insightful videos offer tours of artwork in exhibition with guidance from curators and/or artists.

The Business of Art–Artists share insights and offer examples focused on the business side of being an artist.

Video Series in Career Development and Student Success:
My Career In...–Practitioners in a wide variety of career fields share experience, insights, and inspiration.

Skills for Success–Videos in the series offer first person examples of how soft skills and study skills can make a difference in your daily life and your career.

Video Series in Communication:
Communications in Practice–Videos highlight real world applications of communications principles and insights from those working in the fields of media and communication.

Video Series in Health and Human Performance:
Innovations in Health and Medicine–Learn about the latest developments in health and medicine from the scientists, doctors, and medical professionals making them.

Video Series in History:
History in the First Person–Take your study of history to those who lived it first hand.  Learn via the power of primary sources through stories from those who were there, primary source text and video, and additional insight from historians, scholars and practitioners in fields related to the historic event.

Video Series in Theatre:
Creating the Production–Engaging videos offer insight and examples from playwrights, actors, directors, producers, designers, and other theatre professionals as they work on creating a specific production.

StageCrafters–Actors, designers, directors, producers, playwrights, and theater management professionals discuss their craft.

Theatre Behind the Scenes–Videos highlight what goes on backstage in the world of theatre.

Disciplines within Business and Economics  
Video Series in Business Management, Business Marketing, Economics, and Introduction to Business:
Business in Practice–Entrepreneurs, business owners, manufacturers, and corporate officials offer insights and experience on the application of business principles in the real world of business.

Economics in Action–Take the economic principle on paper and see how it comes to life in the real world.

Meet the Entrepreneur–In short and engaging video profiles, entrepreneurs share their experiences and offer insights into what it means to bring their entrepreneurial dream to life.

Disciplines within Science, Engineering, and Math
Video Series in Earth and Environmental Science:
Earth and the Environment–Videos highlight innovative approaches in environmental management and protection and inspire action to improve the environment.

Earth and Atmosphere–Videos investigate earth and atmospheric sciences with geologists, seismologists, meteorologists and other practitioners.

Video Series in Engineering:
STEM in the Real World–Video stories demonstrate the application of STEM principles and concepts in the real world in a wide variety of fields.