STEAM and STEM Resource Packages
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In the videos in our STEAM and STEM Resource Packages below, students learn directly from individuals in the workplace, laboratory, or studio who are using on a daily basis the STEM and STEAM skills that students are practicing in class.  Curriculum materials with many of the videos include related lesson plans, activity ideas, reading and vocabulary lists, and additional resources all focused on exploring the topic featured.

Animal Life–Whether it’s the insect world, a bird’s eye view, or a dog’s life, the animal kingdom is full of fascinating, furry, and fun creatures.  Hear from entomologists, conservationists, ornithologists, veterinarians, and all sorts of animal lovers and other professionals in the fields of animal science as they share their expertise on topics you find worthy of investigation. 

Aviation–Eagles, butterflies, and bees!  Airplanes, helicopters, and drones!  The concepts of flight and aviation have fascinated man since he first looked up to the sky.  Learn about these topics with resources focused on the principals of flight, examples of flight in action, and interviews with individuals who study flight or do the flying themselves (along with their planes, of course).

Earth Science–What do geologists, meteorologists, and seismologists all have in common?  They’re all involved in increasing our understanding of the earth and its physical properties.  In this package, see how fossils are successfully located, extracted and investigated.  Follow the processes, tools, and data as meteorologists create weather forecasts.  Tour a seismologist’s laboratory.  All this and more in our Earth Science Package.

Engineering–Hear directly from the professionals doing the work as we explore topics as diverse as the skills important to becoming an engineer, the process for building a bridge over the Mississippi River, how the Gateway Arch was created, or altering the process for manufacturing through robots and other technical innovations.  See your STEM curriculum brought to life by these professionals.

The Environment–Learn about watersheds.  Investigate water quality.  Hear from scientists, engineers, environmentalists, and activists as they share insights and information on rivers, wetlands, flora, and fauna.  Tour green buildings and environmental facilities, and explore all sorts of “green practices” and “living green” techniques.

The Human Body–How exactly do our eyes “see” objects?  How does what we eat affect our physical fitness?  And how fast does our brain function?  Answer these questions and more as students hear directly from doctors and other professionals whose work is changing medicine and medical practice, and even what the human body can do.  Meet people sharing stories of how their lives have been affected by their human body.

Infrastructure and Utilities–Interested in improving your students’ understanding of what happens underground and above your head to make your town run?  To keep the lights on?  The water flowing?  The sewers from backing up?  Want students to see real world applications of chemical processes, scientific principles, and engineering designs they’re studying in class?  Then this is the Resource Package for you.

Invention and the Creative Process–What does it mean to be a creator?  An inventor?  A designer?  How do you take an interesting idea and nurture its development to successful prototype and marketable product?  Answer these questions and more through interviews with inventors, designers, and entrepreneurs and stories on new products and how they were developed. Inspire the inventor, creator, and designer in your student.

Physics–Physicists study matter, motion, energy, force and other principles and concepts related to those ideas.  We invite you to supplement your physics curriculum by linking students to individuals and locations that explore those topics in real world, commonly experienced ways.  Apply Newton’s Laws of Motion in a bowling alley, investigate concepts of energy and force at a roller coaster park, and learn directly from scientists, engineers and others applying the laws of physics in their work every day.

Space Exploration–Take your students’ study of science, technology, engineering, and history to the final frontier—space!  Learn from engineers and scientists who worked on the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo projects.  Find out about current initiatives putting rovers on Mars, flying unmanned spacecraft to all corners of the universe, and efforts to send humans to deep space.  Fill your inner space with outer space.

Transportation–Planes, trains, and automobiles—three amazing inventions that changed all aspects of human life.  Go behind the scenes to explore operations at a railroad yard.  Learn from pilots and engineers on what it takes to design and fly a plane.  Gain a better understanding of how transportation affects us economically, socially, and physically and learn about important people, places, and events related to the topic.

WeatherExplore the phenomenon of weather—how it’s created, how it’s forecast, and how it affects our lives.  Investigate topics as diverse as climate change and polar vortexes, tornado development and hurricane creation.  Travel to the coldest and hottest places on earth, learn about fascinating weather events, and hear directly from meteorologists as they describe their work, explain important weather concepts, and talk about forecast methods, models, and tools and why, sometimes, the weather just doesn’t turn out to be what they thought it would.  

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