Resource Package 10: Engineering
Grades: 3 to 12

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Ever wonder how engineers decide to place a bridge, road, or building where they do?  Why they choose the design they do or why they choose a certain process to create a product?  What the process is like to bring their drawings on paper to productive reality?  Well, if so, you’ve come to the right place.  In our Engineering Resource Package, our videos and related resources explore the exciting world of engineers, architects, and builders.  Hear directly from the professionals doing the work as we explore topics as diverse as the skills important to becoming an engineer, the process for building a bridge over the Mississippi River, how the Gateway Arch was created, or altering the process for manufacturing through robots and other technical innovations.  Find out about the careers that intersect to design and construct a monument, bridge, or office building or re-tool a production factory and how all people on the project work together to make it happen.  See your STEM curriculum brought to life by these professionals and give students the opportunity to compare their studies in science, engineering and technology to the career opportunities that await them.

Teacher Tools
Teacher Tool 415: Engineering Resource Package–Reading and Resource Lists
Download this document to find reading lists that include books, magazines, and online sources related to the topic of Engineering.
Teacher Tool 416: Engineering Resource Package–Writing Activity Ideas
Download this document to find writing activities with printable journal pages and Venn Diagram templates related to the topic of Engineering.
Teacher Tool 417: Engineering Resource Package–Vocabulary
Download this document to find vocabulary words and activities related to the topic of Engineering.
Teacher Tool 616: Engineering Resource Package–STEM Activity Ideas and Lesson Plans
Download this document to find STEM activity ideas and lesson plans related to the topic of engineering.