Videos for Download

Our 1200+ ever-growing video download library is available for anyone with a Monthly (5 downloads per month) or Yearly (unlimited downloads) Membership.

Videos currently available for download can be accessed in either of the following ways:

  • Each video in the collection currently available for download is marked as such under the “Actions” button on its video page on the website.
  • Scroll through our video download library by curriculum area by clicking on any of the thumbnails to the right.

Quick Ideas for Using Our Download Video Library:

  • Provide the videos to students facing digital divide issues so they can easily view the video at home, engage in flipped learning activities, and more.
  • Download the video for yourself so you don’t have to worry about bandwidth issues, computer issues, or website issues when you want to show the video to the class.
  • Have students search for videos they can incorporate into their classroom projects and educational contests. Download the video so students can edit, place, and utilize as needed in their project.


Please note the following terms of use for any and all videos downloaded:

By downloading this video you agree to use it only for educational purposes in a classroom, homeschool, or professional development setting and not to use it for commercial, re-publication, and/or re-production purposes of any kind. Students have permission, with proper credit and citation given, to use the video and/or excerpts from it for a classroom project and/or an educational contest such as History Day, Science Fair, etc. If you have any questions, contact us at