Classroom Resource Package 1: Weather

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Lightning flash, thunder crash—Summer breeze, winter freeze—Misty rain or hurricane—weather is all around us—every day and in every way.  In this resource package, our videos, lesson plans, activity ideas, reading and vocabulary lists and additional resources are all focused on exploring the phenomenon of weather—how it’s created, how it’s forecast, and how it affects our lives.  Students can investigate topics as diverse as climate change and polar vortexes, tornado development and hurricane creation.  They can travel to the coldest and hottest places on earth, learn about fascinating weather events, and hear directly from meteorologists as they describe their work, explain important weather concepts, and talk about forecast methods, models, and tools and why, sometimes, the weather just doesn’t turn out to be what they thought it would.  All that and more is waiting for you in our weather classroom resource package.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 492: Weather Video Titles

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