Celebrating November Special Events

Click on any title below to find Educate.Today videos related to special day, week, and monthly celebrations in October.

Monthly Celebrations in November
Aviation History Month—Explore aviation with aviators and aviation engineers.
International Drum/Percussion Month—Check out our videos about drumming.
Native American Heritage Month—Learn about culture, traditions, and contributions of Native Americans.
National Entrepreneurship Month—Entrepreneurs share what it’s like to start a business from scratch.
National Novel Writing Month—Celebrate the joys of literature with authors of novels.
Veterans and Military Family Month—Celebrate the month as members of the military share their stories of service.

Weekly Celebrations in November
November 6-12—National Children’s Book Week/National Young Readers Week—Enjoy interviews and virtual book readings with children’s book authors.
November 7-13—World Kindness Week—Learn about ways to promote kindness.
November 13-19—Geography Awareness Week—Explore places around the world and the world of maps in our geography videos.
November 14-20—Global Entrepreneurs Week—Entrepreneurs share their experiences and offer insights into what it means to bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life.

Daily Celebrations in November
November 1—National Authors Day—Find videos with authors in a wide array of genres.
November 2, 1734—Daniel Boone is born.
November 3, 1957—The Space Race heats up as the Soviet Union launches Sputnik II, the first inhabited spacecraft, with dog Laika aboard.
November 5—Book Lovers Day—Check out some books to love in our Talking with Authors and Off the Shelf videos.
November 6—Marooned Without a Compass Day—You won’t be marooned after viewing these videos about maps and compasses.
November 6, 1860—Abraham Lincoln is elected President of the United States.
November 8—U.S. General Election Day—Search through our videos about the election process.
November 8—National STEM/STEAM Day—Find over 600 videos focused on STEM and STEAM.
November 9—Go to an Art Museum Day—Can’t get there in person? Go virtually through our Art in Exhibition videos.
November 9 and 10, 1938—Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, occurs in Germany as Nazi mobs burn synagogues and vandalize Jewish homes and shops.
November 10—U.S. Marine Corps Birthday—Celebrate the birthday of the Marine Corps as Marines share their stories
November 11—Veterans Day—Commemorate the service of America’s veterans by meeting hundreds in our veterans video collection.
November 13—World Kindness Day—Celebrate kindness in these videos.
November 14—National Pickle Day—Meet entrepreneur Aliska Walker, owner and operator of Aliska’s Amazing Pickles, a unique cafe that creates flavored pickles and pickle-infused delicacies.
November 14, 1889—Newspaper reporter Nellie Bly sets out from New York to beat the record of Jules Verne’s imaginary here Phileas Fogg of traveling around the world in 89 days. She returns triumphant 72 days later.
November 15—America Recycles Day—Explore ways to protect the earth as you reduce, reuse, and recycle.
November 19—Women’s Entrepreneurship Day—Meet women making a difference in the world of business.
November 20—Future Teachers of America Day—Celebrate teachers and teaching in these videos and podcasts.
November 20, 1962—The Cuban Missile Crisis ends when President John Kennedy lifts the U.S. Naval Blockade of Cuba after all Soviet offensive missiles sites have been confirmed as dismantled.
November 22, 1963—President John F. Kennedy is assassinated.
November 23—Fibonacci Day—See how the sequence occurs in nature and is replicated in man-made achievements.
November 25—Native American Heritage Day—Learn about culture, traditions, and contributions of Native Americans.
November 26—National Law Day—Learn about law in various forms and applications with lawyers, judges, and police officers.
November 28—Red Planet Day—Travel to Mars via the power of video.