Art in Exhibition
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Grades: 6 - 12

Focus Area Description:  Enjoy tours of artwork In exhibition with guidance from curators and/or artists.

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New April 2023! Exploring “Blues” Through Art

Other Samples:
New March 2023! An Exhibition of Feelings
The Art of Max Beckmann
Paintings on Stone
Kehinde Wiley Commemorates the Power and Beauty of Everyday People

Quick Ideas for Using our Art in Exhibition Videos:

  • Foster art appreciation by learning about different artists, different periods of art, different types of art, and the power and beauty of art to interpret, influence, and inspire.
  • Provide a better understanding on the thought, selection, and presentation process for an art exhibition from both the artist and curator perspectives.
  • Have students reflect insights gained through the videos in their responses to art exhibitions they see in person, whether in a journal entry, in-class discussion, or another forum.
  • Show how art has evolved over time in terms of subject matter, mediums, techniques, and technology.
  • Gain knowledge of art history in terms of periods, styles, and specific artists.
  • Interpret art as a reflection of, and influence on, history by viewing exhibitions showcasing works in different time periods and placing that work in its historic context with their study of real world events that were happening at the time.
  • Inspire ideas for their own works of art, techniques and mediums to experiment with, and artists to emulate.