Celebrating June Special Events

Click on any title below to find Educate.Today videos related to special day, week, and monthly celebrations in June.

Monthly Celebrations in June
African American Music Appreciation Month–Check out videos focused on African American musicians and musical heritage.
Effective Communications Month–Learn from professional communicators about ways to send an effective message.
National Family Month–Explore the power of family in videos across the curriculum.
National Rivers Month–Learn about river stewardship and transportation through videos with US Army Corps of Engineers.
Pride Month–Celebrate the lives and work of diverse members of the LGBTQIA+ community.
Zoo and Aquarium Month–Watch a video on how Zoos are helping the environment.

Weekly Celebrations in June
June 5-11—National Gardening Week–Celebrate gifts from the garden with these videos.
June 5-11—Pet Appreciation Week–View videos about the lives of pets and their impact on our lives.
June 12-18—National Flag Week–Celebrate Flags of Valor
June 19-25—Lightning Safety Awareness Week–Meteorologists share fascinating facts about the causes and impacts of lightning.
June 20-26—National Pollinator Week–See how you can make life better for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

Daily Celebrations in June
June 1—International Dinosaur Day–Delve into dinosaurs with these videos.
June 2—American Indian Citizenship Day–Celebrate the culture and contributions of the American Indian.
June 5—World Environment Day–Videos highlight innovative approaches in protecting the health of the earth.
June 6—D-Day World War II–Learn from the greatest generation as they share their experiences on the home front and battlefront after D-Day.
June 7—Daniel Boone Day–Find out about the life of the famous frontiersman.
June 12—National Children’s Day–Authors share their stories written for children.
June 13—The US Supreme Court announces its decision in Miranda v. Arizona
June 14—Flag Day–Celebrate Flags of Valor
June 15—National Nature Photography Day–Revel in the beauty of nature through photography.
June 16—Fresh Veggies Day–Enjoy videos all about vegetables.
June 17—Global Garbage Man Day–Honor your waste management team as you recycle and see what happens after the trash truck pulls away.
June 19—Juneteenth–Celebrate this federal holiday with videos focused on African American history, contributions, and culture.
June 20—World Refugee Day–Refugees share their stories.
June 21—Summer Solstice–Learn how Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the world using his knowledge of the summer solstice.
June 21—National Selfie Day–Scientists share their work on the impact of selfies.
June 29—National Camera Day–Photographers share their work and their techniques.
June 30—Social Media Day–Check out videos sharing the full range of social media’s impact on our lives.