Making My Community Work
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Grades: 3 - 8

Focus Area Description:  Take your study of civics and community to places big and small, urban, and rural. Meet the people, explore the components, and learn the roles we all have that make a community work.

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New April 2023! Working as a Film Animator

Other Samples:
Working as Part of a Crime Scene Unit Collecting Fingerprint Evidence
How Does a Repair Person Get Down Inside a Manhole to Do Repair Work?
Training in a Smoke Filled Room with a Thermal Imaging Camera
What Happens After the Trash Truck Pulls Away?

Quick Ideas for Using our Making My Community Work Videos:

  • Give students the opportunity to explore topics related to their community on their own.
  • As part of their study, have students go into their community to interview/shadow people or organizations that help “make their community work.” Prior to conducting their own interviews or starting their shadowing experience, have students watch videos to help them determine questions to ask and how to organize their video or presentation.
  • Use the videos in class as you and your students explore life in a community to help them go places and see things they might not be able to see in your area.
  • Contact a person from a local business, city government department, etc. to speak to your class in person or virtually and have students watch different videos to help them develop questions for the guest expert.
  • Have students include insights gained through the videos as part of their projects, papers, and presentations on a community-related subject by:
    • interpreting and/or summarizing what they saw and learned in the video.
    • citing quotations from the expert in the video.