Working as a Film Animator
Grades: 3 - 8

Video Description: New April 2023! Meet Marlon West, a film animator and visual effects supervisor for Disney, and learn about the exciting challenges and opportunities in his career.

Type of Video: Profile*
Unique Video ID: DCareers-50**

Quick Ideas for Using the Video:

  • Before watching the video have students share examples of animated films they have seen? What did they like about them? How do they think the animation and visual effects for the movie were created? What do they think it would be like to be an animator? What would they find interesting? What would they find challenging? After viewing the video, have students revisit those thoughts and discuss new insights they learned.


*Profile videos use a first-person/first-hand approach to highlight interesting people doing interesting things in the area of study.

**The unique Video ID can be used to quickly locate a single video in the ET collection. This search function is designed to let teachers assign students to watch a specific video and have only that video appear as a search result. Just click on Search and choose “By Video ID.” Then type in the Video ID as it appears above. Be sure to include the dash.