Operating a Maple Syrup Farm
Grades: 3 - 8

Video Description: You’re sitting at the breakfast table ready to enjoy your pancakes. All you need to do now is pour on some yummy maple syrup. Have you ever wondered where that pure maple syrup comes from? Is it farmed like corn or wheat or peas? How does that natural sap get from the tree to your table? Meet the Gihring Family, tour their maple syrup operation, and find out!

Type of Video: Story*
Unique Video ID: MMCW-Maple Syrup Farming**

Quick Ideas for Using the Video:

  • Use the video as part of your students’ study of community to learn more about different types of farming and how farmers produce and bring to market the food that students eat.
  • Before viewing the video, have students brainstorm how they think maple syrup is created. What supplies are needed? What time of year do they think it happens? How much sap does it take to create a gallon of maple syrup? After sharing and discussing their brainstorms, view the video and then, after viewing, compare what students thought the operation would be like to what actually happens on the Gihring Farm.
  • As an extension activity, have students research to see if maple syrup is created at farms near them. If possible, see if a maple syrup farmer could talk to the class in person or via Zoom and use the video to help students develop questions for their interaction.


*Story videos employ a narrative form to highlight a topic, location, or practitioner in the area of study.

**The unique Video ID can be used to quickly locate a single video in the ET collection. This search function is designed to let teachers assign students to watch a specific video and have only that video appear as a search result. Just click on Search and choose “By Video ID.” Then type in the Video ID as it appears above. Be sure to include the dash.