Celebrating September Special Events

Monthly Celebrations in September
Classical Music Month–Celebrate the beauty of classical music in this interview with world renowned conductor Leonard Slatkin.
Disaster Preparedness Month–Learn the importance of disaster preparedness through these videos with victims of natural disasters.
National Service Dog Month–View videos about the lives of service dogs and their impact on those they help.
Hispanic Heritage Month–Explore Hispanic culture and traditions in these videos.

Weekly Celebrations in September
September 10-16—National Arts in Education Week–Send students exploring the power of the arts through over 800 videos in Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts.
September 18-24—National Coding Week–Explore applications of coding in these robot-focused videos.
September 17-23—Constitution Week–Celebrate and investigate our nation’s founding document in these videos with scholars, lawyers, judges, and other constitutional experts.
September 18-24—National Keep Kids Creative Week–Foster creativity in your learners.

Daily Celebrations in September
September 2—In 1945, Japan formally surrenders to end World War II.–View videos with veterans of the Pacific Theatre in World War II.
September 3—Skyscraper Day–Learn about the building considered America’s first skyscraper.
September 4—National Wildlife Day–Find videos focused on wildlife and also check out our Natural World: Animals videos.
September 6—National Read a Book Day—Check out our Off the Shelf and Talking with Authors videos.
September 8–Actor’s Day–Celebrate the art of acting.
September 8—International Literacy Day–Meet people and organizations striving to improve literacy.
September 8—World Physical Therapy Day–Learn what it’s like to be a physical therapist with this on-demand interactive program.
September 11—Hug Your Hound Day–Learn about the life of dogs and how dogs help our lives.
September 11—Patriot Day; Commemoration of 9/11 Victims–Learn from the stories of 9/11 survivors and those who remember the day.
September 12—National Day of Encouragement–View videos with inspirational messages.
September 13—National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day–Inspire the young chef in your home.
September 14—National Food is Medicine Day–Experts share the power of food in being healthy.
September 15—National Online Learning Day–Schedule your students’ experience with the expert of your choice in our On-Demand Interactive Programs.
September 17—Constitution Day–Explore videos focused on constitutional principles and interpretations.
September 17—National Dance Day–Learn and boogie down with our videos with dancers.
September 18—National Respect Day–Help your learners see respect and kindness in action in these videos.
September 18—U.S. Air Force Birthday–View videos with individuals who served in the Air Force.
September 20—National Voter Registration Day–Explore the importance of voting with these videos related to voting rights and practices.
September 22—American Business Women’s Day–Meet women in a wide array of business areas and Inspire tomorrow’s business leaders.
September 22—National Ice Cream Cone Day–See how liquid nitrogen is used to make ice cream.
September 23—American Indian Day/Native American Day–Learn about native American culture in these videos.
September 25—National Comic Book Day–Find out what it’s like to create comic books.
September 25—World Day of the Deaf–Learn about communication options for the hearing impaired.
September 25—World Rivers Day–Learn about the impact of rivers on our lives and ways to take care of them.
September 26—World Day of Migrants and Refugees–Meet immigrants and refugees and learn from their stories.
September 28–National Ask a Stupid Question Day–Explore the power of the question (after all, there is no such thing as a “stupid question”) by sending in your questions for our special program celebrating this special day.
September 29—VFW Day–View videos with veterans sharing their stories of service.
September 30—International Podcast Day–Expand your professional development with our Classroom Matters podcast.