Celebrating February Special Events

Click on any link below to find Educate.Today videos related to special day, week, and monthly celebrations in February.

Monthly Celebrations in February
Black History Month—Highlight the contributions of black men and women this month and every month with these videos.
International Friendship Month—Meet students and adults sharing their stories of cultural exchange and the power of international friendship.
National Library Lovers Month—Celebrate libraries with a trip to our virtual Talking with Authors library of videos.
National Women Inventors Month—Meet women and girls creating inventions helping people in multiple ways.
Youth Leadership Month—Be inspired by youth leaders as they share their perspectives and projects on making a difference.

Weekly Celebrations in February
January 30-February 6—National Storytelling Week—Celebrate the power of story with authors, poets, playwrights, and other storytellers.
February 11-18—National Entrepreneurship Week—Find out what it takes to start, maintain, and expand your own business.
February 14-20—Random Acts of Kindness Week—Inspire students with the power of kindness.
February 19-25—National Engineers Week—Meet engineers and explore the work they do.
February 26-March 4—Peace Corps Week—Find out what it means to be a Peace Corps volunteer.

Daily Celebrations in February
February 1—National Freedom Day—Explore the freedoms granted in our Constitution.
February 1, 1960—The Civil Rights sit-in movement begins with four African American students at a Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina.
February 2—National River Day—Learn about river stewardship in these videos.
February 3—American Painters Day—Meet contemporary American painters sharing their work and techniques.
February 4—USO Day—Find out about the work of this important service organization.
February 5—National Weatherperson’s Day—Explore the work of a meteorologist and learn about weather phenomena.
February 7—Ballet Day—Enjoy the beauty, athleticism, and impact of dance in these ballet videos.
February 8—Opera Day—In front and behind the scenes of opera productions.
February 8, 1820—Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman is born.
February 9, 1943—U.S. troops capture Guadalcanal from the Japanese. Meet Tom Mohan and learn his story of fighting as a bombardier at Guadalcanal.
February 11—National Inventors Day—Celebrate Thomas Edison’s birthday through these videos focused on .
February 11—International Day of Women and Girls in Science—Meet women making a difference with their scientific research and practice.
February 12—Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday—Celebrate the life and legacy of our nation’s 16th President in these videos.
February 14—Valentine’s Day—Learn about dating and love in the bug world.
February 15—Susan B. Anthony Day—Celebrate the women’s rights activist born in 1820 with these videos highlighting women and their contributions in a number of fields.
February 16—Innovation Day—See science in practice and engineering in action as experts share research, discoveries, and innovations.
February 17—Random Acts of Kindness Day—Help kids discover the value of kindness for themselves and others.
February 20—President’s Day—Get inside information on a number of U.S. Presidents from authors, historians, and those who advised them.
February 20—National Student Volunteer Day—Be inspired by students and others volunteering to help people in their community.
February 22—George Washington’s Birthday—Find out new information about our first President in these videos.
February 22—World Thinking Day—Check out some of our Thought Provoker videos to inspire critical thinking and respectful conversation with your students.
February 26—Tell a Fairy Tale Day—Enjoy virtual read-aloud videos with authors sharing their own stories.