Eat, Prey, Love: Dating and Love in the Bug World
Grades: 3 - 8

Video Description: New May 2022! If you think dating is tough for humans, try being a bug. The experts at the Missouri Botanical Gardens’ Butterfly House explain how love can be extremely dangerous, even deadly for insects. Some bugs resort to chemical romance and nuptial gifts to improve their chances of mating…and living to tell about it. Plus, find out who’s the most romantic of the bug suitors and which insect earned the nickname “femme fatale” for her deceptive mating tactics.

Type of Video: Story*
Unique Video ID: Nature-31**

Quick Ideas for Using the Video:

  • Use the video in a flipped learning setting to familiarize students with the topic and provide context for classroom discussion and/or activity focused on the questions: Based on what you learned in the video, how would you describe the reproductive life of insects?


*Story videos employ a narrative form to highlight a topic, location, or practitioner in the area of study.

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