Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs are grouped by topic areas organized alphabetically on this page.  Have a question but don’t find an answer?  Send us a message on our Contact Us page.

Download Library:

  1.  How do I access videos available for download?  Click on the “Actions” button on each video page and see if “Download Video” is available as an option. If so, just click and follow the prompts. Please remember if you joined as a “Monthly” member, you have limited downloads available each month. Those with “Yearly” memberships have unlimited download access.  Learn more about our download library here.

Membership Information:

  1.  How do I become a member?  Just click on the “Sign Up” button on the home page and follow the prompts.


  1.  Does Educate.Today offer a playlist feature?  Yes we do.  Once you become a member and create your member profile, the playlist feature will be available under the Account heading that will appear to the right of the Search button when you log in to the website.  You can add any video to any playlist you have created by clicking on the “Actions” button on each video’s web page.

Scrolling Banner:

  1.  Can I turn off the scrolling banner if I want to?  Yes.  Members can turn off the scrolling banner in their profile settings.  Just click on the arrow to the right of the member icon up by the scrolling banner and select “Profile.”  Scroll down to the bottom of the profile page, and de-select the scrolling banner feature.  If you want to make the banner active again, just re-select it in the same place.

Search Functions:

  1. How can I search for videos on the website?  Click on “Search” on our home page to seek videos by keyword or to search by standard or Video ID.
  2. How do I search by standard?  Click on “Search” on our home page and then “By Standard.” A pop up box will appear. Select the state or organization, subject area, and grade level of your choice.  Once you have done that, our system will search for appropriate standards to pick from.  You can then select a standard from the drop down menu or type in a keyword to find standards to choose from that meet your keyword.  Pick your standard.  Hit “search” and the system will see if we have any videos which meet that standard.  Please be aware that there are hundreds of thousands of educational standards, so we may not have a video for each one.
  3. What is meant by the “Video ID” search and how do I use it?  The “Video ID” search enables a user to find a specific video based on the Unique Video ID that is provided on each video’s web page.  For example, the unique ID for the video “StageCrafters with Kwofe Coleman” is Theatre-160.  This search function is designed to let teachers assign students to watch a specific video and have only that video appear as a search result.  Just select “By Video ID” for the search, type the unique ID in the pop up box that appears or scroll down for its listing, and have only that video appear as a search result.

Student Access:

  1.  Student access is provided through an adult’s paid membership.  If you wish to have student access to the website just answer “Yes” when asked as you complete the Sign Up process. Learn more about student access here.

Web Browsers:

  1.  Do I need a specific web browser?  Is one or more browser(s) better than others for viewing?  The website was designed with Google Chrome as its preferred browser, but it is built to function most effectively in any of the browser versions below:

Google Chrome:  Version 67 or above
Safari: Version 11.1 or above
Firefox: Version 60 or above
Microsoft Edge: Version 17 or above

If you are using versions older than the ones listed above or different browsers than listed above, certain features and functions of the website, along with layout of pages, may vary and/or not work.  The resolution of your screen and device you are viewing on will also affect page layout.  For best use, we recommend utilizing the most recent version of the browser you select.