Learn About Our Safe Student Access

With its secure, ad-free, COPPA guided website, Educate.Today provides safe student access for independent and guided learning for students from elementary through high school.

To Gain Student Access:

1. A teacher or parent joins Educate.Today and requests student access when asked during registration.
2. Educate.Today generates a student access code tied directly to their new account and sends that access code to the teacher or parent.
3. The teacher or parent can then guide students to the Educate.Today website to register as a student using the username and password of their choice, but to be able to do so they must include the access code provided to the teacher/parent.
4. Then every time a student logs in, they use their self-chosen user name and password and the access code to log in.
5. Since student access is tied to the code provided, if a teacher or parent cancels his/her membership, student access is cancelled as well.