Free Interactive 4: Celebrate the Earth (Interact Live April 18, 2019)

This day of programs is now complete.  To view the archived edition of each, just click on the title below to be taken to that particular program. 

Celebrate the Earth with Worms: Decomposer Detectives

Learn from Maggie McCoy, Education and Volunteer Coordinator at the EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden as she leads students through an investigation of a working vermicompost (worm) bin, talks about how vermicompost bins can be a part of sustainability in the home, and answers student question about the topic.

Celebrate the Earth with Less Pollution: Recycle Responsibly – and Remember to Reduce & Reuse!

Jean Ponzi, Green Resources Manager at the EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden, sorts through what CAN and SHOULD NOT go into a home or school recycling bin, and talks about the “why” of this important Do and Don’t.  We also cover ways kids can prevent Plastic Pollution through Reducing and Reusing, and the host and audience learn the thrilling and powerful Three Rs Cheer!

Celebrate the Earth with Plants: Stormwater, Pollution, and Plant-Based Solutions

Learn from Katherine Golden, Sustainability Education Manager and Rob Kennedy, Sustainability Programs Coordinator at the EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden as they lead students through an investigation of storm water runoff in a watershed and explore connections to water pollution.  Students will discover what they can do at home, and how plants can be used to solve runoff challenges.

Celebrate the Earth with Insects: Mosquitos and Monarchs–Insect Ecology and Eco-Sense

View this video with Jean Ponzi, Green Resources Manager at the EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden to learn about the life cycles of monarch butterflies and mosquitos and find out how you can garden with native plants to support pollinators and control mosquito breeding to protect against the diseases carried by some species of these insect “pests.”  You can learn more about the topic at the website of the Missouri Botanical Garden by clicking here.

Celebrate the Earth with Micro Greens: Reconnecting to the Food You Eat

Gibron Jones and his organization HOSCO Shift are dedicated to addressing food access problems, providing nutritional education, and improving economic conditions through locally produced foods and products.  In this program, Gibron demonstrates the ease, importance, and value of growing your own nutrient-packed micro greens and discusses the importance of providing healthy food options in an urban environment.  For more information on HOSCO Shift, check out their website at  Find more information about micro greens and a short biography of Gibron Jones in the Teacher Tools below.



Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 523: Micro Greens

Use this document, provided by Gibron Jones and HOSCO Shift, to learn more about micro greens and why and how to grow them.


Teacher Tool 524: Gibron Jones Biography

Learn about the background and expertise of our guest Gibron Jones, founder of HOSCO Shift, in this brief biography.


Teacher Tool 525: Meet Our Guests from the EarthWays Center

Download this document to learn about the experts joining us from the EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden.