Agriculture 7: Celebrate the Earth with Micro Greens: Reconnecting to the Food You Eat

Gibron Jones and his organization HOSCO Shift are dedicated to addressing food access problems, providing nutritional education, and improving economic conditions through locally produced foods and products.  In this program, Gibron demonstrates the ease, importance, and value of growing your own nutrient-packed micro greens and discusses the importance of providing healthy food options in an urban environment.  For more information on HOSCO Shift, check out their website at  Find more information about micro greens and a short biography of Gibron Jones in the Teacher Tools below.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 523: Micro Greens

Use this document, provided by Gibron Jones and HOSCO Shift, to learn more about micro greens and why and how to grow them.


Teacher Tool 524: Gibron Jones Biography

Learn about the background and expertise of our guest Gibron Jones, founder of HOSCO Shift, in this brief biography.