Business in Practice
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Grades: 9 - 12

Focus Area Description:  Entrepreneurs, business owners, manufacturers, and corporate officials offer insights and examples on the application of business principles in the real world of business.

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Anew Nature
A Conversation with Caryn Dugan, STLVegGirl

Quick Ideas for Using our Business in Practice Videos:

  • As students study different types of businesses, have them watch videos in this area to see specific examples of various types of business that are in operation and hear from the owners/managers on the processes and practices they use to succeed.
  • As part of their study, have students go into their community to interview business owners/workers/managers and investigate different types of businesses, how they are organized, business practices, etc. Once their research is done, have students create videos and/or reports/presentations on what they learned.  Prior to conducting their own interviews, have students watch videos to help them determine questions to ask and how to organize their video or presentation.
  • Have students include insights gained through the videos as part of their projects, papers, and presentations on a business-related subject by:
    • interpreting and/or summarizing what they saw and learned in the video.
    • citing quotations from the expert in the video.