Celebrating August Special Events

Click on any title below to find Educate.Today videos related to special day, week, and monthly celebrations in August.

Monthly Celebrations in August
Black Business Month–View videos with black entrepreneurs sharing their dreams and strategies to create a successful business.
International Peace Month–Celebrate the possibilities of peace with experiences from Peace Corps volunteers.
American Artist Appreciation Month–Meet American artists of various media sharing their work, their techniques, and their passion for art.
Family Fun Month–Check out videos with learning activities for the whole family.

Weekly Celebrations in August
August 7-13—International Assistance Dog Week–Learn how service dogs are trained and their impact on the lives of those they serve.
August 7-13—National Farmers Market Week–Take a tour of a farmers market.
August 13-21—National Science Week–Check out over 400 videos across the Sciences that are available for download to members.
August 19-25—National Aviation Week–Take to the skies in videos with pilots and aviation engineers.

Daily Celebrations in August
August 1—In 1944, Anne Frank penned the last entry into her diary.–Commemorate Anne’s legacy with our videos featuring Holocaust survivors sharing their stories.
August 1—U.S. Air Force Day–View videos with Air Force veterans sharing their stories of service.
August 4—U.S. Coast Guard Day–View videos with Coast Guard veterans sharing their stories of service.
August 6—In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act into law.–View our videos focused on the reasons for, passage of, and impacts of this landmark legislation.
August 7—In 1964, Congress approves the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.–See the impact of this decision in our videos with Vietnam veterans.
August 8—Richard Nixon resigns the Presidency in 1974 and Gerald Ford becomes President.–View videos related to the Ford presidency.
August 9—National Book Lovers Day–Celebrate the day as you enjoy interviews with authors.
August 13—National Bowling Day–Roll a strike with videos focused on the science behind bowling.
August 14—VJ Day–Meet Americans who served in the Pacific theatre of World War II and hear their stories.
August 16—National Roller Coaster Day–Experience the excitement of physics with our videos focused on the science behind roller coasters.
August 19—National Aviation Day–Celebrate Orville Wright’s birthday with videos in our Aviation collection.
August 19—World Photography Day–Meet photographers as they share their work and their techniques for creating powerful photography.
August 20—World Mosquito Day–Learn about the life cycle of mosquitos and their impact on the natural world.
August 20—National Radio Day–What’s it like to work in the world of radio? Find out in these videos.
August 21—National Poets Day–Meet poets as they share and discuss their work.
August 24—National Knife Day–Find out what it takes to create a knife.
August 26—National Dog Day–Learn more about our furry, four-footed friends.
August 26—Women’s Equality Day–Celebrate the adoption of the 19th Amendment with videos focused on amazing achievements of women in multiple fields.
August 27—Lyndon Johnson, America’s 36th President, is born in 1908.–Investigate his historic impact as President through videos in our collection.
August 28—The March on Washington occurs in 1963 and Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his “I Have a Dream” speech.–Explore the Civil Rights movement through these videos and activity ideas.
August 31—World Distance Learning Day–See what your students can learn via our on-demand interactive programs.