Kinship Connections
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Grades: 3 - 12

June is Family Appreciation Month and what better way to start summer learning than with videos and activities emphasizing family connections and family fun?

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    Quick Ideas for Summer Learning through Kinship Connections:

    • Combine a family trip to the amusement park with some physics about roller coasters. Before the outing, have your kids watch these ET videos to see physics come to life in roller coaster design and operation. Then apply that learning to the energy and inertia in action you see while enjoying your day of rides.
    • Use the summer to explore your family history together. Share stories of family with your children, go through old pictures, and research your family history. Create a video or digital scrapbook sharing an important family story, biographies of various family members, or other topics of your choice. For an example of one woman’s exploration of her family and the story she chose to tell, check out this ET video.
    • Use these ET videos to inspire a combination of healthy eating and physical activity for your family through window sill, balcony, and backyard gardening options and healthy eating choices your family can make this summer.
    • Why not plant a family flower garden this summer and take pictures of their growth cycle all summer long? Or take family walks in woods and fields and focus on the wildflowers you see? Choose your favorite images and create a digital scrapbook of your photographic summer. Get inspired by photographers and their studies of flowers in these ET videos.