What’s New

What’s New?  We’re New!  Welcome to the new Educate.Today website!  Spend some time, check out the resources and features, and send us your feedback to info@educate.today.

What’s New?  3 new Point to Point programs on media literacy.  Just click on the Interactive Programs button on our home page and then Point to Point Programs OR just click here.

What’s New?  Over 30 new videos of interviews with veterans and current military members.  Just type “military service” in the keyword box.

What’s New?  Over 10 new videos on Theatre, 20 new videos on Dance, and 40 new videos on Visual Arts, just click on the Fine Arts search button on our home page or type “theatre,” “dance,” or “visual arts” in the keyword box.

What’s New?  Over 60 new video resources related to the First Amendment.  Just type “First Amendment” into the keyword search box on our home page, hit the search button, and decide which new videos you want to view.  Topics explored in the videos cover each of the five rights guaranteed in the First Amendment, origins of the First Amendment and ideas from our founding fathers, landmark Supreme Court cases related to each of the five rights, and expert analysis from scholars, judges, historians, attorneys, and first amendment activists.

Whats New?  4 new professional development videos on Arts Integration and 9 new Teacher to Teacher videos from teachers sharing how they plan to incorporate STEAM and/or Arts Integration strategies into their classroom practice.