What’s New

What’s New?  We’re New!  Welcome to the new Educate.Today website!  Spend some time, check out the resources and features, and send us your feedback to info@educate.today.

What’s New?  3 new Point to Point programs.  Check out the following new opportunities for your students to interact with an expert  Point to Point 15:  Cell Phone Photography and Science; Point to Point 16:  What’s It’s Like to be an Artist and Photographer?; Point to Point 17:  What’s It Like to be a Physical Therapist?

What’s New?  Over 30 new videos from our February 20 live programs “What Does Freedom Mean?”  Have your students learn more about the African-American quest for freedom over our nation’s history by typing in the keyword “Seeking Freedom.”

What’s New?  60 new videos from our March 21 live programs “Celebrating Women’s History.”  Have your students learn from women making history today as amazing role models with their groundbreaking work in creating and running their own business, empowering women around the world, and being trailblazers in their chosen field.  Just type in the keyword “Women’s History.”