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A Conversation with Dr. Rick Chromey




On this episode of the Classroom Matters podcast I will be sitting down with Dr. Rick Chromey, the founder and president of MANNA! Educational Services International, a nonprofit organization that serves schools, churches, and other organizations with inspirational edu-trainment. He’s penned over a dozen books on classroom management, leadership, and cultural analysis, including his most recent work “GenTech: An American Story of Technology, Change and Who We Really Are.” Rick has a doctorate in leadership and specializes in American history, pop culture and generations.  Dr. Chromey is an expert in the field of classroom management, motivating students and leadership in education.

During this conversation we will be discussing the reasons that students become disinterested in school/class, how to motivate a person authentically and honestly and motivating students who don’t care.



Maps! Maps! Maps!

Maps are amazing sources of information that help us better understand all sorts of fascinating aspects of our world.   Check out these featured videos to get your students started on their journey.



Where Is That? Maps

Take a trip around the world to interesting locations related to maps and the history of map making.




See different examples of topographic maps.



When Did That Happen? Maps

Learn about important events and people in the history of maps and map making.





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