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A Conversation with Nathaniel Turner



On this episode of Classroom Matters author and TED speaker Nathaniel Turner, a self-described “Humanity Propulsion Engineer” will discuss the idea behind his best-selling  book series, “The Amazing World of STEM,” and his history-making book, “Raising Supaman.” As a zealous advocate that every person has an opportunity to maximize their human potential, Nate regularly shares his theory of a backward design life process with parents, teachers, and students.  What truly sets Nate apart from others is his unique comical ability not only to see the world differently but to challenge his audiences in an edutaining way to live outside the box so that the world might be able to experience us at our best.

During this episode of Classroom Matters  we will be discussing the backward design model for students and how we can raise our children to be successful without relying on crutches in society such as wealth, privilege, legacy status, fraud, bribery, cheating or Adobe Photoshop.





Summertime is a perfect opportunity for traveling to far away lands or just taking a short trip to a new weekend getaway.  Check out some of the What’s It Like to Live In… videos and go on a virtural journey  



What It’s Like to Live in Esine, Italy

Whether your taking a tour of the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta or stopping by the Vaniglia Tea Shop to browse, Eisne, Italy is a beautiful place to visit.  But what would it be like to live there? Listen as foreign exchange student Giada Pedretti describes what it’s like to live in her home town of Eisne, Italy



What It’s Like to Live in Marcos Juarez, Argentina

Take a trip through the amazing Arca De Noe Zoo or just have a bite to eat at the El Molina restaurant in Marcos Juarez, Argentina.

This historic town is full of beautiful scenery and local hangouts.  In this video Joaquin Surbera, a Rotary Youth Exchange student from Argentina, describes life in his hometown.



What It’s Like to Live in St. Petersburg, Russia

Take a trip through beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia as Ekaterina Pozdniakova, a Rotary Youth Exchange student from Russia, describes life in her home town






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