Video Resource Packages

Our video resource packages combine our videos with lesson plans, activity ideas, reading and vocabulary lists, and additional resources all focused on exploring a specific curriculum topic within one of our four focus areas.  We invite you to use the resource packages to help plan a specific lesson, create a teaching unit, organize student work into group projects, offer differentiated learning opportunities, inspire independent student learning, and more.  Check out our current and ever-growing library at the links below:

Arts and Arts Integration Video Resource Packages

At Educate.Today, we believe the arts provide challenges, opportunities, and delights for learners of any age and are proud to emphasize the value and power of the arts and arts integration to truly make a difference in a student’s learning. 
In our videos, students and teachers learn directly from artists in the fields of dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts.  Materials for teachers also include professional development videos on arts and arts integration and examples of lesson plans and activity ideas in those areas as well.


Humanities and Social Studies Video Resource Packages

Connecting students to individuals in the real world who have lived the experiences and are applying the curriculum that students are studying in class is a primary focus of Educate.Today.  That primary source perspective is an essential feature of our extensive collection of Humanities and Social Science video resources and related materials.



STEAM and STEM Video Resource Packages

Preparing your students for success in the 21st century means developing their abilities to think critically, communicate clearly, and process creatively.  Real world practice of these skills is an essential feature of our STEAM and STEM primary source videos.  In Educate.Today videos, students learn directly from individuals in the workplace, laboratory, or studio who are using on a daily basis the STEM and STEAM skills that students are practicing in class.



Career Exploration Video Resource Packages

What do you want to be when you grow up?  That’s a question students get asked all the time and Educate.Today is focused on helping them find the best answer for themselves through our wide variety of videos and interactive programs highlighting Career Exploration.  In our videos and interactive programs, students hear directly from people in a wide variety of career fields as they discuss what it’s like to work in that career, the areas of study and skill development that are important to success in their field, and the opportunities available in the field.