Schedule of Featured Streaming Videos

Connect your at-home learners to our free scheduled programming all day Monday through Friday.  Join our Monday through Friday 24 hour live stream featuring some of our favorite archived videos.  To see what’s streaming now, click the LIVE button above.

Download the documents below for the schedule of featured videos for the week of April 6 to April 10, 2020.

Language Arts/Literacy Monday–April 6, 2020

STEAM/STEM Tuesday–April 7, 2020

Arts Wednesday–April 8, 2020

Social Studies Thursday–April 9, 2020

Potpourri Friday–April 10, 2020

Miss one of the videos during its live stream?  Just watch the archive any time.  Find it quickly and easily by clicking on its title in the downloaded spreadsheet or through our Video ID search on the website.