Classroom Matters with Kristy Houle: A New Educate.Today Podcast

We’re excited to announce the upcoming Educate.Today podcast “Classroom Matters with Kristy Houle!”

In the Classroom Matters podcast, Kristy sits down with a variety of guests to discuss the many topics of the education world. With perspectives from teachers, administrators, homeschool parents, and authors, these educators will shed light on current issues the education system is facing and how we can be part of the solutions. The Classroom Matters podcast will serve as a great resource for those in the education system or anyone interested in the current-day challenges and opportunities
the education system faces.


Here’s a sneak peek at some of our episodes:

Rigor and Relevance; A Conversation with Dr. Bill Daggett

Dr. Bill Daggett chats about the annual Model Schools Conference and how to get educators to become more future-focused to prepare students for what is ahead of them. We also get a chance to discuss the Rigor/Relevance Framework and how this approach had led hundreds of schools in successful transformations.

Unfold the Soul; A Conversation with Kenneth Williams

Kenneth Williams  talks about how schools and educators can “live their posters” and truly achieve learning for all.  We also get a chance to talk about his newest book Starting a Movement; Building Culture from the Inside Out with Professional Learning Communities that he cowrote with Tom Hierck.

Climate and Culture; A Conversation with Kim Bearden
Dr. Kim Bearden chats with Kristy about how to create a positive and successful school climate. Kim is the cofounder, executive director, and language arts teacher at the Ron Clark Academy and has also written two books: Crash Course:  The Life Lessons My Student’s Taught Me and her newest book Talk to Me. 

The first episode will premiere on July 11, 2019.

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