Return to this page often to see new opportunities for your school, business, or community organization to partner with Educate.Today and to see examples of current and previous partnerships.  A video on partnership opportunities can be viewed on our Tutorials page.  Just click here.

1.  Grant Application Partnership Opportunities

If you believe Educate.Today could help you with a grant you are seeking, contact us at

2.  Become an Expert for a Point to Point Program Offering

We are connecting students to guest experts in a variety of fields.  Guest experts share in revenue generated by their program.  If you’d be interested in joining us as a guest expert for any of the series of programs listed below, please contact us at

Curriculum-Based Student Programs/Program Series Currently Available:

  1. What’s It Like to Be A…? series—This series gives students the chance to learn about different careers as they talk directly to individuals working in a wide variety of jobs. Big picture questions include: What type of training/education is needed to pursue a job in this career field? What is an average day in this job like? What are unique challenges and opportunities in this career?
  2. Think Like aseries—This series puts students in the role of a particular job/career and gives them the opportunity to engage in activities that are a part of that particular career as they interact with the guest expert who works in that career. Pre-program materials provide information needed to engage in the activities featured in the interactive program.
  3. Subject Area/Curriculum Area Specific Topics—These programs can occur in any curriculum area featured on the Educate.Today website.

To see the current curriculum-based Point to Point programs we’re offering for students, click here.

Professional Development Programs/Program Series Currently Available:

  1. Teaching Strategies That Work for Me—This series gives participants the opportunity to interact with other educators demonstrating specific teaching strategies that work for them in the classroom. The strategies might be curriculum/subject area specific or cross-curricular areas.
  2. Subject Area/Curriculum Area Specific Topics—These programs can occur in any curriculum area featured on the Educate.Today website.

3.  Submit Your Videos for Publication on Educate.Today:

An essential feature of Educate.Today is interactive sharing between teachers and students in response to the videos and curriculum activities included on the website.  Members can submit their own videos and learning activities as well as videos created by their students for potential publication on our website.   Videos for classroom use by teachers and students can be related to any curriculum area featured on Educate.Today.  Professional development videos  can also be submitted featuring examples of using Educate.Today videos in the classroom or other teaching and professional conversation strategies designed to improve professional practice.  To learn more or submit your videos for potential publication, contact the Educate.Today team at