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Homeschool Packages:

  1.  Can homeschool packages be downloaded?  Yes
  2.  How much do the homeschool packages cost if I want to purchase the materials?  Costs vary depending on the number of videos included in the package.  To find the cost of any package, just e-mail us at info@educate.today.

Membership Information:

  1.  How do I become a member?  View Tutorial 3:  Becoming a Member
  2.  What’s the difference between a free membership and paid membership levels?  Check out our Pricing Page or view Tutorial 4:  Which Membership Plan is Best for Me?

Search Functions:

  1.  How can I search for videos on the website?  View Tutorial 1:  How to Use Our Search Features
  2.  How do I search for videos by standards?  Select Using the Standards Search Feature

Technical Issues:

  1.  Do I need a specific web browser?  Is one or more browser(s) better than others for viewing?  The website was designed with Google Chrome as its preferred browser, but it will work in all browsers.  Layout of pages may vary depending on the browser you use and the resolution of your screen.  For best use we recommend utilizing the most recent version of the browser you select.