Using STEAM Strategies
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With STEAM strategies, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics are taught in an interdisciplinary manner using a real world, problem-solving approach.  Students have the opportunity to see how the subjects, and skills they involve, are related to each other.  Students work with each other using an inquiry and hands-on approach while connecting their topic of study to a valid, real-world, open-ended problem.

The resources in this tool kit are designed to give you some ideas on how to use STEAM strategies in your classroom, provide you sample lesson plans and templates to build from, and link you to additional resources on the topic.  Additional STEAM activity idea and lesson plan Teacher Tools can be found with many videos throughout the Educate.Today website.

Have a lesson plan, article you’ve written, or a video of a student project incorporating a STEAM approach that you’d like us to look at for possible publication on our Educate.Today website?  Send us the completed form you’ll find here and we’ll get back in touch.


Teacher Tools
Teacher Tool 661: Using STEAM in the Classroom
Download this document to read articles by current and retired teachers offering their ideas, experiences, and resources on how to successfully use STEAM strategies in the classroom.
Teacher Tool 676: Using STEAM Strategies–Sample Lesson Plans
This document provides a sampling of lesson plans utilizing STEAM strategies across the curriculum in a variety of ways. Additional STEAM activity ideas and lesson plans related to specific curriculum areas are available with each of our Curriculum Topic Resource Packages. STEAM lesson plans are also available as a Teacher Tool with many individual videos on our website.