Using Primary Sources
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Whether it’s for a history report, science investigation, or arts project; for better understanding of an historic event, the way a machine works, how a mathematician or scientist makes use of a certain concept or formula, or to hear directly from an author about her writing, primary sources–being able to learn directly from individuals who have lived the history or do the work in the laboratory—are an exceptional resource to increase student understanding. 

Educate.Today believes in the power of primary sources to inspire your students and illuminate their learning, and the contents of our extensive library of primary source videos reflects that belief. That’s why we are “First Person, Real World, and Expert-Driven.” 

Activity ideas on how to use our primary sources in a variety of ways are included with hundreds of videos throughout the Educate.Today website. To see them all, become a member and search the website using any keywords that pertain to your topic.

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