Using Flipped Learning Approaches

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Sometimes referred to as blended learning, flipped learning means that the students watch or listen to the content in a setting outside the classroom, and then do their ‘homework’ in class.  Teachers, in turn, are free to work on understanding and application during class time.

The resources in this tool kit are designed to give you some ideas on how to use flipped learning approaches in your classroom, provide you sample lesson plans and templates to build from, and link you to additional resources on the topic.  Additional flipped learning activity idea and lesson plan Teacher Tools can be found with many videos throughout the Educate.Today website.

Have a lesson plan, article you’ve written, or a video of a student project incorporating a flipped learning approach that you’d like us to look at for possible publication on our Educate.Today website?  Send us the completed form you’ll find here and we’ll get back in touch.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 711: The Flipped Classroom--Changing the Paradigm

Download this document to read articles by current and retired teachers offering their ideas, experiences, and resources on how to successfully use flipped learning activities and lessons in the classroom.