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Grades: 3 to 12

Connect your students to real world experts through our free, live, interactive programs.   Ask questions.  Offer insights.  Inspire learning.  All in real time.  In our free programs available throughout the school year at scheduled times, you and your students can watch online at Educate.Today.  Ask questions and offer comments in real time as you learn from, and interact with, the expert.  

Our Fall 2020 programs will be announced in early September.

We look forward to connecting again soon!

Breaking News:  Educate.Today receives the 2019-20 CILC Pinnacle Award!  

Thank you to our viewers for honoring us once again with the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration’s coveted Pinnacle Award.  We are so grateful for your support and participation and look forward to another fantastic year of interactive learning during the 2020-21 school year.  The CILC Pinnacle Award recognizes content providers from around the world for their “Programs of  Distinction,” and for “receiving outstanding ratings on program evaluation by educators and activity directors.  Content Providers, representing museums, science centers, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, musicians, and authors, as recipients of this annual award, stand out as demonstrating remarkable quality of educational content and exceptional skill at program delivery.”  Learn more about the award and see the list of 2019-20 recipients here.

Check out the archives for some of our Spring 2020 programs below:

Solar Energy: How Can You Use it at Home?
Grade Levels:  2 through 8
The Sun is always sending energy to the Earth! How can we collect and use that energy?  Learn about how energy is used in our homes, solar energy, and how you can make your own solar oven with common household items.
Guest Expert:  Maggie McCoy from the EarthWays Center of Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, MO

Real World Design Solution for a Real World Problem:  Designing the Set for a Touring Production
Grade Levels:  7 through 12
Meet Laura Skroska, props master for Shakespeare Festival St. Louis and find out how she answered the design challenge to create a set that could travel in a van for the company’s latest touring production.  Join us to see the solution she devised and ask your questions about how she approached the task, unexpected obstacles she faced, and, if she had it to do all over again, if she’d do it all the same.
Guest Expert:  Laura Skroska from Shakespeare Festival St. Louis

Folktales from Around the World with Bobby Norfolk
Grade Levels:  3 and above
This acclaimed performance has thrilled audiences from packed theaters to concert halls world-wide. An ever popular program, it combines myths, folktales, progressive rap, mime and poetry in a celebration of cultural diversity. This one-man theatre and comedy performance dazzles young and old with dynamic sound effects, lively animation and unlimited energy. This truly special presentation is a treat for all!
Guest Performer: 
Bobby Norfolk, internationally acclaimed storyteller and Emmy Award winner

Creating Origami Birds–Combining Art and Science
Grade Levels:  3 through 8
It’s spring and the birds are out!  Join us for this arts integration lesson combining the beautiful art of origami with the science of nature.  Learn how to fold origami birds like the crane (a symbol of good luck) and how you can help with bird conservation through the “Lights Down During Bird Migration” project sponsored by the St. Louis Arts Chamber and the Audubon Society.
Guest Expert:  Sandy Brooks of the St. Louis Arts Chamber and the Academy of Nature and Wildlife Arts

Add Plants to Your Plate:  Easy Gardening for Kids
Grade Levels:  2 through 8
Have you ever wanted to start a vegetable garden?  What are some plants that are super easy to grow?  Join Kerry Stevison of the Saint Louis Science Center as we look at growing potatoes, mint and lettuce, and perhaps be inspired to try it yourself!
Guest Expert:  Kerry Stevison, Manager, STEAM Content | Community Science Programs and Partners for the Saint Louis Science Center.

From the Eyes of the Artist
Grade Levels:  6 through 12
Get a glimpse into the studio and mind of artist and educator Byron Rogers.  Byron demonstrates some of his methods and approach in the creative process, shares his source of inspiration for developing concepts and ideas, and eloquently describes his belief in the power of art and the messages he seeks to convey in his work.  Special areas of focus are printmaking, drawing, and painting.
Guest Expert:  Byron Rogers, artist and art instructor

Easy But Powerful STEM Fun at Home
Grade Levels:  2 to 5 and 5 to 8
Join STEM Educator Jackie Blumer as she demonstrates some easy but powerful STEM activities kids can do at home or class.  The first half of the program targets elementary age children as they experiment with a Rainbow Density Tower.  The program’s second half focuses on middle school students as they engage in a Catapult Engineering Challenge.
Guest Expert:  Jackie Blumer, 6th and 7th Grade Science Teacher and STL STEM Chair for American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Cooking with Caryn:  Delicious and Nutritious
Grade Levels:  6 through 12
Join STL Veg Girl Caryn Dugan for a delightful and delicious demonstration of cooking with plants.  Bring your parents along if you want to prepare with Caryn because using knives will be involved.  Learn how to make hummus stuffed baked jalapeno peppers with  homemade hummus.  Find out about the nutrition included and the value of making sure plants are a big part of your diet.
Guest Expert:  Caryn Dugan, STL Veg Girl, health and nutrition coach

Time to Weave
Grade Levels:  3 and above
Weaving can be complicated, but it can also be quite simple!  Talk a walk with us as we go outdoors to ‘seek our looms’ and choose some materials to incorporate into a work of art.  Learn an arts and crafts project that incorporates art, science, math, and fun!  Inspire yourself to create your own, and then send us your pictures!
Guest Expert:  Gabrielle Corley, fibers artist and educator

Meet the Artist:  King of Cardboard Justin King
Grade Levels: 6 through 12
Justin King is an accomplished painter and sculptor who has begun working in a new medium for his sculpture–cardboard.  Materials are easily accessible, and the creative challenge is irresistible.  Join us so your students can interact with Justin as he creates a piece in cardboard and shares examples of his work in painting as well.
Guest Expert:  Justin King, artist, painter, sculptor

Through the Eyes of York with Bobby Norfolk
Grade Levels:  4 and up
York, William Clark’s “Body Servant,” was the only African-American member of the Corps of Discovery — the official name of the band of courageous explorers whose epic journey across the continent became immortalized as the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Emmy-Award Winning Storyteller Bobby Norfolk celebrates the man named York and the Lewis & Clark Expedition with a program that appeals to audiences of all ages.
Guest Performer:  Bobby Norfolk, internationally acclaimed storyteller and Emmy Award winner

How our Immune System Fights Infections:  The War Against Germs
Grade Levels:  6 through 12
Our bodies have a magnificent immune system consisting of a powerful army of killer cells and protective proteins.  This powerful defense system is primed and ready to go within a few seconds of encountering a possible infecting bacteria, virus, or parasite.  These “pathogens” try to outsmart our immune systems and sometimes succeed.  Learn how your immune systems works in a fun, engaging, and insightful program with Dr. Kathryn Tristan.
Guest Expert:  Dr. Kathryn Tristan, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

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