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Connect your students to real world experts through our free, live, interactive programs.   Ask questions.  Offer insights.  Inspire learning.  All in real time.  In our free programs available throughout the school year at scheduled times, you and your students can watch online at Educate.Today or via a videoconference connection.  Either way, you can ask questions and offer comments in real time as you learn from, and interact with, the expert.  

Educate.Today Wins CILC Pinnacle Award!

Educate.Today is pleased and proud to announce we are a recipient of the 2018-2019 CILC Pinnacle Award.  The Pinnacle Award recognizes CILC (Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration) content providers from around the world who have received outstanding ratings on program evaluations completed by educators and activity directors.  According to CILC, “All have delivered remarkable quality educational content and demonstrated exceptional skill at program delivery.”

Thank you to our viewers for making this award possible!

Current Programs for Spring 2020

Titles, dates, times, grade levels, and short descriptions for upcoming programs are provided below.  For more program information and to register for each program, click on the title or the thumbnail image in the “Related Column” to the right.

Date TBA–Real World Design Solution for a Real World Problem:  Designing the Set for a Touring Production
Time:  TBA  Grades:  7 through 12

Meet Laura Skroska, props master for Shakespeare Festival St. Louis and find out how she answered the design challenge to create a set that could travel in a van for the company’s latest touring production.  Join us to see the solution she devised and ask your questions about how she approached the task, unexpected obstacles she faced, and, if she had it to do all over again, if she’d do it all the same.

Program time(s) will be confirmed soon.

Date TBA–Cooking with STEAM
Join us to explore the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) in cooking.  Interact with a chef, nutritionist, and science educator as you calculate and modify recipes for a three-course meal and investigate options to make the meal healthier and more aesthetically pleasing.  Think about how the choices you make about what you eat affect the who you are.

Program time(s), guests, and grade levels will be confirmed soon.

Date TBA–Meet the Artist:  King of Cardboard Justin King
Justin King is an accomplished painter and sculptor who has begun working in a new medium for his sculpture–cardboard.  Materials are easily accessible, and the creative challenge is irresistible.  Join us so your students can interact with Justin as he creates a piece in cardboard and shares examples of his work in painting as well.

Program time and grade levels will be confirmed soon.

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To learn more about how to enroll for these programs, view the video above or go to  Tutorial 6:  Connecting to our Free Interactive Programs.