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Grades: K - 12

Connect your students to real world experts through our free, live, interactive programs.   Ask questions.  Offer insights.  Inspire learning.  All in real time.  In our free programs available throughout the school year at scheduled times, you and your students can watch online at Educate.Today.  Ask questions and offer comments in real time as you learn from, and interact with, the expert.  

Our 2020-21 programs are now complete.  View the archives below.

An Exploration of Griots and Storytelling Traditions with Cheeraz Gormon
Explore the power and joy of griots and storytelling traditions in the black community with writer, storyteller, and public speaker Cheeraz Gorman.  Ms. Gormon shares her own experiences and discusses the various type of griots (historians, storytellers, praise singers, traveling poets, song writers, and musician) and the important roles they play in society.  Learn more about Cheeraz Gormon on her website here.

Untold Stories with Mama Cat
The stories are there–stories of the forgotten and the hidden.  Explore the connections between story, food and healing as we investigate oral traditions in the black community with Mama Cat (Dr. Cathy Daniels).  Mama Cat  will shares her own experiences with the power of story and healing in a moving conversation.  Learn more about Dr. Daniels on her website here.

A History of Griots with Lois Conley and Bernie Hayes
Who, what and why were the Griots of African culture?  Find out in this conversation with Lois Conley, founder and Executive Director of the Griot Museum of Black History and Culture and Bernie Hayes, Executive Director of the National Blues Museum.  Learn more about the Griot Museum on their website here and more about The National Blues Museum on their website here.

Responsibility and the Rebel with Dannie Boyd
Investigate the importance of Oral Tradition and the carriers of story in this program with songwriter, and photographer Dannie Boyd.  The conversation focuses on two of the ways that stories have been carried forward–by the Chosen and those who have chosen their own way.   Learn more about Mr. Boyd on his website here.

We ALL are Griots with M.K. Stallings
We are shrouded by story. What will we do with it?  How can we ALL carry forward the stories in conscious, creative and compelling ways?  Explore these questions in conversation with M.K. Stallings, founder of UrbArts (Urban Artist Alliance for Child Development), podcast host and storyteller.  Learn more about UrbArts and Mr. Stallings at their website here.

Modern Day Griots with Gia’na Garel
Explore the power of current and next generation griots chronicling our time in a wide variety of fields–hip hop, spoken word, and poetry–with Gia’na Garel, podcast host and storyteller.  Learn more about Ms. Garel on her podcast website here.