Thunder and Lightning and More
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Grades: 3 - 12

Summer weather can change on a dime. One hour it’s sunny and bright and the next hour the clouds roll up and the lightning starts. Suddenly, what was a pleasant outing on the golf course or a boating adventure on the lake quickly becomes a very different situation. That’s why Lightning Safety Awareness Week is held annually in June, and why we offer weather-related activities for summer learning.

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    Quick Ideas for Summer Learning through Space Science:

    • Just how accurate is your local weather forecast? Have your learners track weather for a week or two and create a chart comparing the forecasts they see on TV with the actual weather that occurs. As part of their learning, use these ET videos to take them inside a weather station to meet meteorologists and see instruments they use to forecast and track the weather.
    • Why not create a family weather station for the summer? Build your own weather vane, rain gauge, barometer and other instruments or pick up a few at the local hardware store and track your weather this summer. To learn more about how various weather instruments work, including some you can’t build yourself, supplement your child’s learning with these ET videos.
    • Give your kids a chance to create their own video-based weather report focused on weather that happened one day in your town. Use a cell phone to take pictures or video of the day’s weather to use in the report and create maps or drawings as well. Watch local weather reports or these ET videos for ideas and related subjects to learn more.
    • Got a young learner fascinated by weather? Give them a chance to learn more with these ET videos featuring meteorologists explaining what causes certain types of weather to occur and what they like about being a meteorologist.