On 9/11 I Was in Fourth Grade
Grades: 5 - 12

Brooke Butler, who was in fourth grade on 9/11, remembers what it was like at school and home that day.

Teacher Resources for the Video:

    Discussion Questions:

  • Primary source memories of an events vary by person depending on where they were at the time of the event, how old they were, etc. Ask students: How do you think these variations might affect a historian’s work in developing an historic account of an event? What strengths and potential limitations do you see with using memories from different people, even if they conflict?
    Activity Ideas:

  • After viewing this video, have students write a short dramatic play or story about that day. They can also create a piece of art that displays the emotions of the day.
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  • Use the unique ID as a shortcut for students to find this specific video. Click on Search and choose “By Video ID.” Type in the Video ID as it appears above.
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  • Get students thinking like an historian and use the video as a template for creating their own “I Remember” videos. If interested, consider submitting a few of those videos for possible publication on the website. Email us at info@educate.today and put “I Remember Video Submission” in the title line.