Teaching Mindset Through Art: A Conversation with Marc Stein
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Grades: K - 12


Founder of Limitless Art, Marc Stein along with his two daughters Abigail and Rebecca have teamed up to form a creative movement, that everyone can participate in!  The trio produces colorful and inspiring prints that help to promote a positive mindset, goal setting and the ability to dream big. Limitless Art was started by Marc and his two daughters while trying to find motivational, happy, and positive artwork for their bedrooms but instead, kept finding products that centered on themes of money and materialistic images. Feeling inspired, the girls suggested they should just design their own wall art and once they started working Limitless Art was created!


During this conversation we will discuss the process for creating and producing art work and how parents and teachers can help inspire creativity in children.


Links: https://limitlessart.com/