Space Science
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Grades: 3 - 12

Combine student interest in history, science, and STEM with a celebration of America’s space program. Check out Educate.Today videos about America’s successes in the space race along with space-based STEM and sciences videos.

To get started, check out the quick ideas below and click the links to find their associated videos. For access to all videos for these activities and our entire collection, click the Sign Up button above and become a member of Educate.Today.

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    Quick Ideas for Space Science:

    • Explore Mars in these ET videos with a scientist working on rover missions on the surface and expand your child’s horizons with more activities from NASA based on their Mars missions. Find NASA resources here.
    • Got a budding documentarian or writer? Have them go back in time to the beginning of the space race with these ET videos featuring engineers in the Mercury space program. Then using what they learn and videos they can download, kids can create a short documentary video or magazine style article taking the viewer/reader back to those heady and hectic days.
    • Challenge your learner with NASA activities where they create their own versions of a lunar lander, lunar rover, heat shield, and more. Find out about the challenges and see how other students met them in these ET videos.
    • Combine art and science in an activity based on these ET videos. Have children listen to the astronaut’s description of take off and landing in a space shuttle and then create a drawing reflecting their interpretation of what happened and how it would make them feel.