Sample Video 84: STEM 9: The Science Behind Explosives

“5..4..3..2..1…” That’s the sequence as experts at Bussen Quarry demonstrate how they safely and successfully blast the rock that is used to build America’s roads and bridges.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 148: Science Behind Explosives Study Guide

Use this study guide to learn more about the Educate.Today video: STEM: The Science Behind Explosives. : Contents including a program description, a time-coded program agenda, related curriculum standards, and learning activities related to the program.


Teacher Tool 308: Arts Integration Activity--Explosions Music Videos

This teacher tool, accompanying the video above, provides an Arts Integration activity combining the science of explosions with music.


Teacher Tool 309: STEAM Activity--Explosions Music Video

This teacher tool, accompanying the video above, provides a STEAM activity combining the science, technology, and engineering of controlled explosions with music.