Sample Video 63: Holocaust 27: Lessons from the Holocaust

In this archived program, take your study of the Holocaust and World War II to individuals who survived both. Interact with Holocaust survivors from WWII. Learn what it was like to live in fear and danger both before and during the war and live with hope and opportunity after being liberated.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 167: Lessons from the Holocaust Study Guide

Use this document to learn more about the archived program. Contents include a program description, a time-coded program agenda, related curriculum standards, and learning activities related to the program.


Teacher Tool 168: Lessons from the Holocaust Guest Biographies

Learn more about the guests who joined us to share their experiences living during the Holocaust.
Use this Teacher tool with a learning activity related to the following Educate.Today video:
"Lessons from the Holocaust"


Teacher Tool 300: Interdisciplinary Activity--Understanding History Through Different Mediums

This interdisciplinary teacher tool, accompanying the video above, is designed to: 1) provide students the opportunity to present and interpret what they know about an historic event or time period through a medium of their choice, and 2) get students thinking about different ways history can be presented and interpreted, and how the medium chosen for presentation of an historic event or time period might affect a person's understanding of that history.


Teacher Tool 329: Using Primary Sources

Educate.Today is full of primary sources to use with your students. This teacher tool focuses on understanding the difference between primary sources and secondary sources and provides an example of an activity to do with students to build their effective use of primary sources in a research project.