Sample Video 125: Military 27: A Conversation with Tom Mohan, World War II Bombardier in the Pacific Theater


World War II veteran Tom Mohan recounts tales of his service in the Pacific Theater, serving at Guadalcanal, targeting Japanese freighters and battleships, and returning to America.  The interview includes archival footage and images of the time.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 298: Cross Curricular Activity--Evaluating Live Interviews

This cross-curricular teacher tool, accompanying the video above, is designed to get students thinking about: 1) how live interviews can be used to learn information on topics such as those discussed in the video, and 2) the effectiveness of this interview specifically in helping their learning on this topic as well as the effectiveness (strengths and weaknesses) of interviews in general as a source of information.


Teacher Tool 329: Understanding Primary and Secondary Sources

Educate.Today is full of primary sources to use with your students. This teacher tool focuses on understanding the difference between primary sources and secondary sources and provides an example of an activity to do with students to build their effective use of primary sources in a research project.