Sample Video 11: Visual Arts 16: Sculptor Gregory Booth and the Art of Math

How do art and math intertwine? For sculptor Gregory Booth the answer is “in all sorts of ways.” Geometry teacher Gregory Booth has been expanding the minds of students at Kirkwood High School for the past 20 years. But during his own high school days, Booth was passionate about a very different career path: art. Despite a decades long detour into his other passion – mathematics – a deep desire to create never left Booth and he recently began sculpting again. Not surprisingly, a mathematical theme began to emerge in these new pieces and he began to share his work with his students as an example of how numbers create shapes which become art. After years of being an admirer and collector of the arts, Booth recently realized his life long dream with a sold-out solo show at SOHA studio and gallery. How can his interpretation of the intersection between art and math inspire new learning opportunities for you and your students?