Richness of Reading
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Grades: 3 - 12

Whether it’s curling up with a good book on a rainy day, creating their own stories, or taking a weekly trip to the library, kids and reading is a great combination. We invite you to supplement your learners’ reading adventures with numerous Educate.Today videos.

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    Quick Ideas for Richness of Reading:

    • Combine a child’s love of reading with writing and drawing as they write and illustrate their own children’s story based on some of their own adventures. For inspiration, check out these ET videos with authors of children’s books. Why not record a virtual read-aloud of the book too and share with other classes, the family, or publish it on the school or family website?
    • Have young readers fascinated by picture books and other stories aimed at them? Check out these ET videos in our Off the Shelf virtual read-aloud series and use the author-provided discussion questions to lead a discussion of the story.
    • Have older students who are voracious readers? Educate.Today has video interviews with authors of fiction and non-fiction for young adults. Have them check out these ET videos to find an author that interests them and books they’d like to read.
    • Why not enjoy a family book club this summer? Pick a classic or a new book for the family to read together. Consider books or plays related to these ET videos and use them to supplement your family conversation.