Point to Point 18: What’s It Like to Be a Successful Business Owner?
Grades: 3 to 12

Cost:  $110

If you would like your students to start on the path of entrepreneurship, to begin preparing for starting and owning their own businesses or flourishing within a corporate environment, then this is the program for you. Doug Kennedy’s review is related to entrepreneurial opportunities and the many lessons that can be taken from each job you have. Much of success has to do with attitude, willingness to learn along the way, ability to learn from mistakes and failures and understanding that initial success may not last. These personal reflections into the importance of learning from both the successes and, yes, the failures, in business add to his message.

The program’s conversation will be guided entirely by the topics you wish Doug to address and the questions your students want him to answer. For example, if you have middle school students who send topics and questions focusing on the differences between an entrepreneur and a business owner, then that will be the direction of your interaction; if your students are in high school and want to focus on more specific aspects of becoming an entrepreneur or business owner, then that will be the direction of your interaction. Your topic preferences and advance questions are due to us no less than three days prior to your scheduled interaction.

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Teacher Tools
Teacher Tool 693: What It’s Like to Run Your Own Business Program Guide
Use this document to learn more about this point to point interactive program that you can schedule for your students at a date and time that works best for you. Contents of the document include: 1) Program Description and Availability; 2) Program Objectives and Format; 3) Cost, Connection, and Enrollment Information; and 4) Featured National Standards. This teacher tool accompanies the following On-Demand Point to Point Program: Point to Point-18.