Point to Point 16: What’s It Like to be an Artist and Photographer?
Grades: 3 to 12

Cost:  $110

Curious about a career in the arts? Join Sandy Brooks, artist and photographer as she discusses her career.  After retiring as a physical therapist, she became a wildlife artist and photographer. While as students we focus on the production of the art, preparation for a career in the arts is a critical component to making a living with your art. She will answer your questions and share information about the day to day aspects of her job as well as the possibilities you can create for yourself as an artist or photographer. Are your interests inclined toward architectural design, graphic design, illustration or fine art? Do you want to work in a group or company or prefer to be an entrepreneur?

The program’s conversation will be guided entirely by the topics you wish Sandy to address and the questions your students want Sandy to answer.  For example, if your students are elementary or middle school students who send topics and questions focusing on general career exploration then that will be the direction of your interaction; if your students are high school students wanting to focus on more specific aspects of that industry, then that will be the direction of your interaction.  Your topic preferences and advance questions are due to us no less than three days prior to your scheduled interaction.

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Teacher Tools
Teacher Tool 691: What’s It Like to Be an Artist and Photographer Program Guide
Use this document to learn more about this point to point interactive program that you can schedule for your students at a date and time that works best for you. Contents of the document include: 1) Program Description and Availability; 2) Program Objectives and Format; 3) Cost, Connection, and Enrollment Information; and 4) Featured National Standards. This teacher tool accompanies the following On-Demand Point to Point Program: Point to Point-16.