Point to Point 12: Media Literacy–Political Campaign Ads: How to Cut Through the Noise

Cost:  $110

Political campaign ads often affect what we think of candidates and influence who we ultimately vote for and elect into office, likely more than we realize. We all like to think that we’re immune to falling for marketing tricks, but these ads use certain tactics to make sure that they stick in our brains and leave us with a particular impression or feeling. We often don’t realize how much we’ve learned to pick up on these cues that are so prevalent in campaign ads, which is why they have such a deep but insidious effect on us.

There are many ways that we can use tools from the media literacy toolkit to analyze political campaign ads in order to help us cut through the noise and get a better understanding of what candidates and political issues are really all about. We’re going to look at two tools specifically: affective response and production values.

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Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 354: Media Literacy and Political Campaign Ads Program Guide

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