Point to Point 10: What’s It Like to Be a Dentist

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Students will learn what goes into preparing for dental school and the science classes, extra-curricular activities and hobbies that will benefit them if they are interested in the field. The student will also learn the wide variety of dental jobs that exist.  Visual aids, like wax teeth and plastic teeth for practice drilling, will demonstrate how dentists learn before working on real people.

The program’s conversation will be guided entirely by the topics you wish Dr. Audrey Greaves to address and the questions your students want answered.  For example, if your students are elementary or middle school students who send topics and questions focusing on general dentistry questions then that will be the direction of your interaction; if your students are high school students wanting to focus on more specific aspects of setting up a practice or planning their AP and college courses, then that will be the direction of your interaction.  Your topic preferences and advance questions are due to us no less than three days prior to your scheduled interaction.

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Teacher Tool 358: What It's Like to Be a Dentist Program Guide

Use this document to learn more about this point to point interactive program that you can schedule for your students at a date and time that works best for you. Contents of the document include: 1) Program Description and Availability; 2) Cost, Connection, and Enrollment Information; 3) Pre-Program Activities and Supplemental Resources; 4) Post-Program Activity Suggestions; and 5) Featured National Standards.