Photographing Nature
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Grades: 3 - 12

June’s special days include Nature Photography Day, Selfie Day, and Camera Day. Celebrate those days and other days in the sun as you get the kids out in nature to use that cell phone to take all sorts of cool photographs.

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    Quick Ideas for Summer Learning through Photographing Nature:

    • Why not plant some flowers and take pictures of their growth cycle all summer long? Or take a walk in woods and fields and focus on the wildflowers you see? Get inspired by photographers and their studies of flowers in these ET videos.
    • Interested in taking photographs of birds, bugs, and other animals? Check out these ET videos for techniques and ideas.
    • That cell phone camera can take great photographs and lots of free apps can let you do even more. Learn about some options and how they work in these ET videos.
    • Looking for an interactive program where your kids can talk with a photographer? We’ve got two. Check them out here and here.