Music 14: Schankman’s St. Louis: What is The Saint Louis Low Brass Collective?

The Saint Louis Low Brass Collective is all about doing things on a high note.  It is run by a group of low brass enthusiasts created by the ultimate low brass enthusiasts; players from the St. Louis Symphony, who want to promote some of the more forgotten instruments in just about any orchestra.

“People don’t know what brass instruments are capable of,” said Gerry Pagano, Bass Trombonist with the symphony and founder of the Saint Louis Low Brass Collective.  “We get trapped a lot, especially the tubas, and it is tough to get out of that stereotype,” Pagano said.

For the record, by “low brass” they are talking mostly about three instruments: The tuba, the Euphonium and the Trombone.  Pagono believes the low brass collective is the only organization of its kind in the country to promote and perform exclusively with those instruments.