Making Art
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Grades: 6 - 12

Focus Area Description:  Visual artists demonstrate their techniques and offer insights into their process of creation and the business of art.

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New August 2022! Creating the Freedom Suits Memorial Sculpture
Other Samples:
New June 2022! The Artists Behind the “Building Bridges” Mural
Metal Petals

Quick Ideas for Using our Making Art Videos:

  • Foster art appreciation by gaining a better understanding of what it takes to make art in various forms, styles, and media.
  • Give non-art students the opportunity to see the process that goes into creating a specific type of art to inspire them to consider an art project as a way to demonstrate their learning on a specific subject or to just expand their interest in creating art on their own.
  • Give art students the chance to see artists demonstrate techniques in various mediums that they could then try themselves.
  • Give art students a chance to see the wide variety of options available to them as a future “working artists” themselves.
  • Give art students the chance to see how other artists problem solve and deal with both success and failure as they create their work.
  • Have students include insights gained through the videos as part of their projects, papers, and presentations on an art-related subject by:
    • interpreting and/or summarizing what they saw and learned in the video.
    • citing quotations from the expert in the video.