Literature 49: Adventures in Writing with Brad Meltzer

New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer LOVES a good adventure.  And, that’s all his most recent book was until he ran across some key information while doing research.  See how he turned that into his latest thriller: a nonfiction page turner about a secret plot to kill George Washington in 1776.  Plus, we learn more about how his kids keep him humble despite his literary and television success.  And, why this mantra – Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Humble – is so important to the Meltzer family.

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tool 299: Cross Curricular Activity--Evaluating Taped Interviews

This cross-curricular teacher tool, accompanying the video above, is designed to get students thinking about: 1) how taped interviews can be used to learn information on topics such as those discussed in the video, and 2) the effectiveness of this interview specifically in helping their learning on this topic as well as the effectiveness (strengths and weaknesses) of interviews in general as a source of information.